Organisation and Change Management Consultancy


We work closely with executive and management teams on a wide range of business and organisation change projects. We  design, organise and facilitate interventions that help leadership teams clarify and define the required objectives, practices, behaviours and actions plans needed to ensure their organisations continue to succeed in today’s highly competitive world.

Our experience of working with many global, blue chip businesses means we are well equipped to manage complex change projects and assignments. We draw upon our knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t work. We combine that knowledge with proven methodologies to deliver an approach that really meets our clients needs.

We are highly experienced in facilitating organisation initiatives and regular manage events that comprise anything from 10-500 participants. We have been consistently tested in highly demanding businesses and in many multi-cultural environments. These experiences mean we are able to deliver real value to our clients.

Below are listed some examples of our consultancy and project work

Restructuring and Strategy Workshop

Major Global Industrial Group

Conduct major pan-European management conference to discuss and agree strategic alignment and approach to major restructuring and cost reduction plan. Our role included liaising with the client in advance of the session to agree outcomes and overall approach plus the chairing and facilitation of the event to reach clear agreement and action plans. Project included key business leaders from several countries. Outcomes included senior management buy-in and support to the overall plan

Resolution of Issues in an Outsourcing Scenario

Global Fund Management Group

Following the emergence of considerable operational issues and conflicts in a major outsourcing scenario we were asked to develop an event to bring the two interested groups together to work through a range of complex issues and agree a more constructive way forward.

Given the background to the issues and the nature of the ongoing relationships it was essential that the intervention produced a positive outcome. We worked with the key stakeholders to identify issues and major concerns and then developed a highly interactive two day workshop to expose the underlying concerns and work on developing a range of solutions.

Business and Organisation Structure Review

Global Learning Organisation

Following the appointment of new CEO this organisation required a totally new business strategy and organisation structure. We helped to design several major workshops over a 12 month period that brought together the US and European leadership groups. The new strategy required high levels of organisational change and our work involved surfacing considerable resistance on the part of many business leaders.

Strategic Organisation Review

Global Members Organisation

A very large global group of member organisations was concerned with reviewing it’s corporate structure and governance structure in the face of rapid growth and emerging market challenges.

We conducted an extensive series of international meetings with local management and workshops to identify the various issues and local member needs. Our subsequent reports and senior management meetings resulted in major recommendations being made and accepted at the organisation’s global conference.

Resolution of issues arising between Corporate Group and Business Franchisees

Global Foods Group

Designed a series of workshops to bring together a wide range of major business concerns in a complex business arrangement and contractual situation. Through interviewing numerous parties on both sides of the relationship we were able to identify a number of critical issues. These issues were then addressed in a series of major workshops and project teams. Our intervention helped to rebuild the working relationship and climate between the two parties

HR Strategy and Organisation Structure Review

Global Electronics and Telecommunications Group

Conducted a review of a major pan European HR group through interviews and various discussion groups and ran a major workshop aimed at developing a new pan European HR organisation structure. Our approach involved the use of a systematic methodology to identify a preferred structure against several proposals and options. We were instrumental in helping the client team to develop a shared understanding and gain major buy-in to the new structure and strategy.

Merger – Integration of two businesses

Major Financial Services Group

Ran a series of senior and middle management events to integrate two financial services businesses. Our work involved the identification of various cultural and organisational clashes and the development of various project teams to address the prioritised projects. We trained key managers in project management skills as part of our intervention.

Business Mission and Values Workshop

European Packaging Group

Conducted a senior leadership workshop on the business vision and values of a major pan-European business working in the field of packaging and fast moving consumer goods. Session involved developing a leadership concensus on the fundamental themes before a formal rolling out of the mission and values across the business.

HR Strategy Development and Competence Development

Global FMCG

Conducted a strategy development, facilitation and development role to fundamentally reposition the HR function in the face of changing business needs on a pan European basis. Our consulting role included:

Conducting interviews with the HR leadership team and internal customers

Preparation of discussion documents and briefing notes to drive new dialogue amongst the HR leadership group

Running a series of top team workshops to agree new strategy and actions

Deliver a series of skills development programmes to upgrade the competences of the HR operational teams